The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) is the premier intelligence and enforcement agency of the Government of India on anti-smuggling matters. Over the past six decades, DRI has earned a formidable reputation in protecting the country‚Äôs economic frontiers. The menace of smuggling, tax evasion, commercial fraud, fake Indian currency, and trade-based money laundering corrodes the foundations of a strong economy. Similarly, illicit drug trafficking drains the vitality of society. For more than six decades, DRI has been successfully fighting these crimes and has contributed immensely to the economic, environmental and social security of India. DRI also works very closely with the Customs Administrations and Law Enforcement Agencies of other countries. With increasing globalisation and rapid advancements in technology, the sophistication of trans-border crimes have increased manifold. Hence,  DRI is constantly upgrading its technological and human capacity to counter and deter such offenders. 

The cooperation of all citizens is imperative in countering the challenges before the DRI. I would urge all citizens to come forward and work with us in the task of protecting our national and economic security.