29.07.2023- DRI seizes 5.2 kg heroin concealed inside the trolley bag of a passenger who had landed at IGI Airport New Delhi.

28.07.2023- DRI seizes 5.38 kg foreign-origin gold from a passenger who landed at Jaipur International Airport.

27.07.2023- DRI seizes 6.29 kg foreign-origin gold concealed in a stainless-steel water bottle and backpack bag from a person at Azimganj Railway Station in Murshidabad District West Bengal.

27.07.2023- DRI seizes 3.3 kg foreign-origin gold from two persons on the bank of river Bhagirathi in Hooghly District.

25.07.2023- DRI seizes Deer skin from a gang based in Karnataka and involved in illegal wildlife trade.

24.07.2023- DRI seizes 2 kg heroin from a passenger who had landed at IGI Airport New Delhi.

24.07.2023- DRI seizes 25.90 MT of betel nuts from a container declared to contain White Rice at Haldia port West Bengal.

22.07.2023- DRI seizes 1.003 kg heroin from a vehicle intercepted near Harike Punjab.

20.07.2023- DRI seizes 3.24 kg foreign-origin gold concealed in the handles of the trolley bags of three persons at Lumding Railway Station Assam.

20.07.2023- DRI seizes 25.80 MT of areca nuts from a container which had landed at Nhava Sheva from Jebel Ali UAE.

15.07.2023- DRI seizes 34 luxury watches from residential premises of person in Mumbai.

14.07.2023- DRI seizes 6.49 kg foreign-origin gold from a passenger who had landed at Bangalore International Airport.

14.07.2023- DRI seizes 26.250 kg of Pangolin Scale from a vehicle intercepted near Rilbong Police Traffic point Shillong.

12.07.2023- DRI seizes 3 kg foreign-origin gold from a person travelling in a car at Banda Uttar Pradesh.

11.07.2023- DRI seizes 25.90 MT of areca nuts in the import cargo being shipped from Dubai.

10.07.2023- DRI seizes 278.32 gm heroin from four persons intercepted at Dilkhush River Ghat Assam.

10.07.2023- DRI seizes 111.38 MT of betel nuts from four containers which had arrived at Kolkata Port from Malaysia.

08.07.2023- DRI seizes 10.20 lakhs sticks of foreign origin cigarettes from a container truck intercepted at Mawryngkneng Village East Khasi Hills Meghalaya.

08.07.2023- DRI seizes 42.037 kg foreign-origin gold from four passenger who landed at Surat International Airport.

07.07.2023- DRI seizes Skin and bones of Royal Bengal Tiger from a person traveling in a vehicle at Seijusa Road Sonitpur Assam.

03.07.2023- DRI seizes Rs 8.50 lakhs worth of foreign currency from a passenger at Amritsar International Airport.

30.06.2023- DRI seizes 504 gram heroin which had been concealed in the capsule inside the body of a passenger who had landed at Mumbai International Airport.

28.06.2023- DRI seizes 500 gram cocaine from a parcel at International Cargo Terminal ICT APSC Sahar Andheri East Mumbai.

27.06.2023- DRI seizes 9.4 MTs of poppy seeds from a container at ALS Tuticorin Terminal Pvt. Ltd.

24.06.2023- DRI seizes 1.809 kg cocaine concealed in body of a passenger who had landed at Bengaluru International Airport.

22.06.2023- DRI seizes skins of two leopard from three persons who had procured the skins of leopard from Srinagar Kashmir and transported the same to Delhi.

21.06.2023- DRI seizes 11 MTs of poppy seeds illicitly imported illicitly imported in the guise of Wood Plastic Composite Panel through Kattupalli port Chennai.

DRI Seizures

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DRI Events

Union Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman inaugurates DRI’s 65th Founding Day Celebrations on 5th December 2022

Union Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman inaugurates DRI’s 64th Founding Day Celebrations on 4th December 2021

20th India Nepal DG level talks on extending cooperation to each other in the areas of customs wildlife and other cross border issues held on 19th April 2021.

News updates / Press Release

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Former Directors General

Reward Scheme

The Directorate of Revenue intelligence appreciates and encourages information provided by the informers. The inputs by the conscientious citizens of the country helps DRI to prevent the illegal import and commercial frauds, which otherwise are detrimental to the economy of our country. To appreciate and encourage the citizens, monetary reward based on the value of the confiscated goods and penalty realised. The extent of reward depends upon the specificity and accuracy of the information, the risk and trouble undertaken, the extent and nature of the help rendered by the informer, whether information gives clues to persons involved in smuggling, or their associates etc. In exceptional cases the reward to the informers can be as high as 20% of the value of confiscated goods and penalty realised. However, the informer is discouraged from submitting any false information, which is liable to prosecution. The reward is disbursed only after conclusion of adjudication/ appeal/revision proceedings. The final reward is determined on the basis of the net sale proceeds of goods seized/confiscated (if any) and/or the amount of additional duty/fraudulently claimed Drawback recovered plus penalty/fine recovered.

DRI Offices

Headquarters -

Mahatma Gandhi Marg, IP Estate, New Delhi, Delhi 110002

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