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   Andy Morling
Head of Enforcement Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the UK’s regulator for medicines and medical devices, continues to work closely with the Indian government to deliver quality medicines available to the people of the two nations.
The Indian pharmaceutical sector is a major contributor to global trade, accounting for a third of worldwide production by volume. A very significant proportion of all UK medicines is made there.
Today’s criminals can operate from anywhere in the world, targeting large numbers of people or businesses across international boundaries. Challenges posed by the scale and complexity of pharmaceutical crime means that effective international cooperation is needed to combat the threat.
The mis-selling of unregulated products can present very significant risks to public health. The MHRA’s work with the DRI and its partners underlines our commitment to ensuring that the UK, India, and wider global community continue to have access to safe medicines.
Despite the challenges brought about by an unprecedented global pandemic, the MHRA and DRI continued to deliver adequate resources, information-exchange and coordination between the relevant authorities. We look forward to continued collaboration with the DRI and its partners throughout the coming year and beyond.
Andy Morling

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