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  Catherine A. Hermsen
Assistant Commissioner for Criminal Investigations
On behalf of your friend and colleagues from the United States Food and Drug Administration, Office of Regulatory Affairs, Office of Criminal Investigations (OCI), we extend our warmest feelings and highest professional regards to the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) on your sixty-fourth Foundation Day.
As we have experienced together, the COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated how healthcare and security intersect to directly impact global public health. As evidenced through our strategic partnership with DRI, these types of threats to public health and satcty require coordinated efforts by multiple countries and their arsenal of authorities that crosscut sectors of government, to safeguard consumers from harm, hold bad actors accountable and identfy threats as they emerge.
Given our ongoing collaboration, which has included reciprocal training, joint enforcement operations, senior-level engagement and the exchange of actionable criminal intelligence. We remain committed to our shared vision of a mutually beneficial partnership between our organizations.
On behalf of OCI, we sincerely thank and congratulate our colleagues from DRI for their many successes and personal sacrifices as they have worked tirelessly during the global pandemic to protect and promote global public health.
Catherine A. Hermsen

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