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   Robert Holness
International Liaison Officer National Crime Agency British High Commission
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate India’s Directorate of Revenue Intelligence on celebrating its 64th Foundation Day on 4th December 2021.
The National Crime Agency takes great pride and places such significant importance in our long-standing relationship and partnership working with the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, whereby we continue to disrupt and dismantle serious criminal networks and supply chains operating internationally.
The collaboration enjoyed between DRI and NCA from an operational and intelligence perspective, continues to aid with dismantling serious and organised crime groups impacting on both India and the UK, as with many years, this last year we have worked to undertake operational activity and follow through on intelligence leads to identify and dismantle key organised crime groups and build our intelligence picture regarding upstream drugs, chemical and commodity supply, involving UK and Indian Organised Crime Groups.
The NCA International Liaison Officer based in India, Robert Holness is committed to ensuring that the excellent joint working partnership between the Indian and UK Governments targets the most serious criminals and looks forward to continuing to develop and enhance the relationship and our operational effectiveness with DRI in the coming years.
Robert Holness

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