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Antiquities and Art Treasures Act,1972
India is one of the few countries in the world with a rich cultural heritage encompassing diverse cultural traditions, traditional expressions, tangible and intangible cultural heritage comprising treasured masterpieces. India’s rich cultural heritage has unfortunately been threatened by unscrupulous elements and organized cartels that vandalize heritage sites with the objective of smuggling and selling antiques in illicit markets abroad for huge profits. In order to protect and safeguard our cultural heritage and to have an effective control over the cultural property, the Antiquities and Art Treasures Act was enacted in the year 1972 to regulate the export trade in antiquities and art treasures, to prevent smuggling of and fraudulent dealings in antiquities. By virtue of this Act, the export of antiques is prohibited.
Given this scenario, the role of DRI, the premier anti-smuggling agency, becomes paramount in putting brakes to the smuggling and selling of Indian cultural antiques abroad via illegal export. DRI has a remarkable track record of seizing very ancient antique items of various periods including bronze statues of Chola period, stone idols of early Mauryan period, craftworks of Mughal period, Buddhist artifacts etc. These items are smuggled out mostly through airports, but some large sized stone statues were also attempted to be smuggled out via sea route. DRI has busted many syndicates spanning multiple states leading to arrest of key persons involved in such rackets. The diligent investigations done by DRI have played a key role in bringing back many such smuggled treasures back to India through official channels.
Cigarettes and Tobacco Products Act, 2003
Illegal cigarette trade comprising international smuggled and locally manufactured tax-evaded cigarettes reportedly accounts for as much as 25% of the cigarette
sales in India. India has been categorized mainly as a transit and transit-destination country for illicit tobacco products in the WHO Framework Convention on

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