Directorate of Revenue Intelligence
► 22.03.2024- DRI seizes over 1.5 kg cocaine worth around Rs. 15 crore two including a Nigerian National held
► 13.03.2024- DRI’s busts major gold smuggling syndicate; seizes over 61 kg gold worth Rs. 40 crore in a Pan-India Operation ‘Rising Sun’
► 06.03.2024- DRI intercepts illegal elephant tusk trade in Bengaluru seven arrested
► 28.01.2024- DRI seizes alloy containing 16.67 kg gold and 39.73 kg silver worth over Rs. 10 crore at FPO Delhi in Operation Black Gold
► 12.12.2023- DRI rescues 436 baby Indian Tent Turtles in Lucknow
► 04.12.2023- DRI celebrates 66th Founding Day in Gandhinagar Gujarat
► 01.11.2023- Inaugural Global Conference on Cooperation in Enforcement Matters GCCEM organised by Directorate of Revenue Intelligence DRI concludes in New Delhi with a resolve to reinforce global cooperation in the fight against cross border crimes
► 30.10.2023- Union Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman inaugurates the first Global Conference on Cooperation in Enforcement Matters GCCEM in New Delhi
► 01.10.2023- DRI saves 955 live baby Gangetic turtles
► 23.08.2023- DRI seizes 1.698 kg of cocaine worth Rs. 16.98 crore at IGI Airport
► 13.08.2023- Directorate of Revenue Intelligence DRI officials seized 4 Leopard Panthera pardus Skins in Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir
► 09.07.2023- DRI seizes 48 kg Gold Paste worth 25.26 crore at Surat International Airport under Operation Goldmine.
► 21.06.2023- Black Cocaine” worth Rs 32 crore seized at Ahmedabad International Airport
► 15.06.2023- DRI seizes 1.92 kg of Cocaine worth Rs. 26.5 crore imported by way of concealment inside thermocol balls
► 04.06.2023- DRI seizes 10 kg smuggled gold worth 6.2 crore approx at Mumbai airport 2 held.
► 01.06.2023- DRI and India Coast Guards seize over 32 kg gold worth Rs 20.21 crore in two cases in Tamil Nadu
► 24.05.2023- DRI busts clandestine makeshift laboratory in Nagar Kurnool District Telangana; seizes 31.42 kg Alprazolam worth Rs. 3.14 crore
► 20.05.2023- DRI seizure of 18.1 kg Ambergris worth Rs 31.67 crore at Tuticorin Coast
► 12.05.2023- DRI seizes 5.480 kg Heroin worth Rs. 38.36 crore
► 12.05.2023- DRI seizes 23.34 kg smuggled foreign gold worth Rs. 14.43 crore in Chennai
► 21.02.2023- DRI seizes 101.7 kg smuggled gold worth ?51 crore in Golden Dawn Operation across India
► 15.02.2023- DRI seizes 11.94 Kg heroin and nabs 3 persons involved
► 13.02.2023- DRI seizes 24.4 kg gold smuggled from Bangladesh in Operation Eastern Gatewa
► 06.02.2023- DRI seizes 114MTs of Areca Nuts worth Rs. 8.61 crore smuggled into the country through Tuticorin and Chennai Ports
► 27.01.2023- DRI detects 18 non-indigenous animals in checked-in baggage with 3 passengers
► 26.12.2022- DRI seizes around 25 kg of Mephedrone worth around Rs 50 crore during raids on two clandestine manufacturing labs at Hyderabad
► 05.12.2022- Union Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman inaugurates DRI’s 65th Founding Day Celebrations
► 04.12.2022- DRI to celebrate 65th Founding Day tomorrow 8th Regional Customs Enforcement Meeting RCEM to be held on the occasion
► 05.10.2022- DRI seizes 23.23 kg gold valued at Rs 11.65 crore being smuggled through North-East Borders 4 held 11 cases of gold seizures of 121 kg in September 2022 by DRI in the North East Corridor
► 01.10.2022- DRI seizes 198 kg crystal methamphetamine ICE and 9 kg cocaine one of the biggest haul of amphetamine and cocaine in the country with drugs worth Rs 1476 crore seized
► 21.09.2022- DRI seized 394 foreign origin Gold Biscuits weighing approximately 65.46 Kg valued at Rs. 33.40 Crore
► 19.09.2022- DRI and Customs seize 10.23 MT of Red Sanders Red Sandalwood with estimated worth of Rs 6 crore at ICD Palwal Haryana
► 09.09.2022- DRI detects 72 hidden packets weighing 39.5 kg of suspected narcotic substance Heroin in Operation “Gear Box”
► 03.08.2022-DRI busts factory manufacturing illicit psychotropic substances; seizes drugs worth Rs 245 crore
► 03.08.2022-DRI detects Customs duty evasion of Rs. 2 217 crore by M/s. Vivo Mobile India Pvt. Ltd.
► 13.07.2022- DRI unearths Customs duty evasion of Rs. 4389 crore by Oppo India
► 30.05.2022-DRI seizes Red Sanders worth Rs. 11.70 crore under “Operation Rakth Chandan”
► 26.05.2022-Directorate of Revenue Intelligence DRI & Indian Coast Guard ICG interdict 218 kg heroin in mid sea drug bust off the coast of Lakshadweep Islands
► 20.05.2022-Directorate of Revenue Intelligence DRI & Indian Coast Guard ICG interdict 218 kg heroin in mid sea drug bust off the coast of Lakshadweep Islands
► 13.05.2022-DRI seizes 15.93 kg foreign-origin gold worth Rs 8.38 crore smuggled via Indo-Myanmar border in Guwahati and Dimapur
► 12.05.2022-DRI seizes 61.5 kg gold concealed in Triangle Valves imported at Air Cargo Complex IGI Airport New Delhi
► 11.05.2022-DRI seizes 62 kg Heroin with estimated worth of Rs. 434 crore at Air Cargo Complex IGI Airport New Delhi
► 10.05.2022-DRI foils attempts of gold smuggling seizes 11 kg gold worth more than Rs 5.88 crore in Lucknow & Mumbai
► 02.05.2022-DRI seizes 8 kg Cocaine worth Rs 80 crore from inbound passengers at Hyderabad International Airport
► 29.04.2022-DRI seizes 395 kg of thread laced with heroin at Pipavav Port Gujarat
► 03.12.2021- DRI to celebrate 64th Founding Day tomorrow 7th Regional Customs Enforcement Meeting RCEM to be held on the occasion
► 28.11.2021- I pnn seizure
► 26.11.2021- DRI intercepts 2 passengers with illicit foreign currency worth Rs 3.7 crore at Mumbai International airport.
► 19.11.2021- DRI seizes of 85.535 kg gold apprehends 4
► 02.11.2021- DRI seizes 155 kgs of Hashish
► 22.09.2021- DRI seizes 3004 kg of Heroin at Mundra - arrest of eight persons
► 21.04.2021- DRI seizes more than 300 kg of cocaine valued at approx. Rs. 2 000 crore in international market at Tuticorin Port
► 21.01.2021- DRI seizes 55.61 kg of foreign gold worth Rs 28 crore
► 03.12.2020- DRI to mark its 63rd Founding Day Celebrations Friday Virtual Panel Discussion on Trade Based Money Laundering.
► 26.12.2019- FM releases postage stamp to commemorate distinguished service and contribution of Directorate of Revenue Intelligence in protecting the nation.
► 03.12.2019- DRI to celebrate 62nd Founding Day tomorrow 6th Regional Customs Enforcement Meeting RCEM to be held on the occasion.
► 10.12.2018- DRI continues to crackdown on Gold Smuggling – 66 KGof smuggled gold valued at about Rs. 21 crore seized.
► 06.12.2018- DRI concludes discussions with International Customs partner agencies in a two-day meeting held on 4th and 5th December 2018.
► 08.08.2018- DRI busted Foreign Currency Smuggling Racket involving Foreign Nationals; Foreign Currencies worth Rs. 6.14 crore seized.
► 29.06.2018- Directorate of Revenue Intelligence DRI recovers smuggled Exotic Birds.
► 02.06.2018- DRI seizes 32 Kg. Of Gold worth Rs 10.32 Crore in one of the biggest seizures of Smuggled Gold in Recent past in East and Northeast India.
► 21.04.2018- DRI busts Diesel Smuggling racket; 14 containers of diesel seized and 4 persons including the Mastermind and one Hawala Operator arrested under the Customs Act 1962.
► 04.12.2017- DRI celebrates its Diamond Jubilee on its 60th Foundation Day in the national capital today.
► 07.02.2017- Tax evading notices by Directorate of Revenue Intelligence DRI
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