Directorate of Revenue Intelligence

Outright smuggling

Smuggling is the secret movement of goods across national borders to avoid Customs Duties or import or export restrictions. It typically occurs when either the customs duties are high enough to allow a smuggler to make a large profit on the clandestine goods or when there is a strong demand for prohibited goods, such as narcotics or weapons.
In recent times following trends have been observed

Fake Indian Currency Notes

The phenomenon of fake currency has acquired ominous proportions, posing a threat to economic security on the one hand, and a possible nexus with global terrorism on the other.

Most of the FICN detected is smuggled from outside of India. Routing of FICN has been noticed through hub stations developed in other countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UAE and Malaysia.

Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, being the lead intelligence agency in the fight against FICN smuggling, has adopted a multi-pronged approach to tackle the threat. Pro-active intelligence gathering, interdiction of consignments, intelligence sharing with local as well as foreign agencies and capacity building are some of the steps taken to counter the menace of FICN. DRI has taken a main role in pursuing the elements engaged in pushing FICN both within and outside the country.


In 2012-13, there has been a spurt in the seizures of gold bars and jewellery.

Drugs and Psychotropic Substances

The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence has played an important role in ensuring supply reduction of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances in India. Though, it does not have a continuous presence at the borders, the contribution of DRI to the fight against drugs has been significant. DRI has been participating in various international meetings, workshops and seminars in order to keep track of global trends and enforcement strategies. DRI has also been sharing intelligence with other administrations, wherever required, in order to check the illicit movements of drugs and substances across the borders. Several seizures of drugs were made in foreign territories based on inputs and information shared by DRI.

Last Updated: Thursday, May 10, 2018